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Our company was first founded in 2007 by father and son Stuart and Chris. Since then we have grown from a team of three to a team of 15, and assisted more than 2,000 clients. Our team of dedicated Brokers take an active interest in understanding clients’ business needs, and we aim to offer tailored business finance solutions at competitive rates.

Many years ago, hay was baled by hand, often with the help of horses. Now, modern technology means the process is simpler than ever. There are many different types of machinery available to assist in the process of baling hay, and our team of Equipment Finance Experts are available to talk with you about your equipment needs.

A Class Business Finance offers business finance solutions for both new and used equipment, from pre-loved hay spears to brand-new Hisarlar SB1150s. We work with companies both great and small, and aim to be Trusted Finance Partners for your business, no matter the size.

Why not arrange an appointment with our friendly staff today, and see for yourself what our A Class service is all about?


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